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a balanced life
Holistic Practitioner, Energy Healer, Intuitive Life Coach, Psychic Medium

Hello Beautiful Soul

I'm Jennifer Izaguirre

International Energy Healer,

Intuitive Life Coach,

Psychic Medium


Love * Heal * Empower

a balanced life
Some of the reasons you might be here...
You are ready to uncover the path to self-LOVE. 
You are ready to HEAL - mind, body, and soul.
You are ready to feel EMPOWERED to
live and thrive in your life's journey...
These are just a few of my favorite things.
Welcome to A Balanced Life.
a balanced life
love heal empower mind body soul

What I'm known for


Healing can look different to each individual.

Healing may be about traumas you have suffered that hold up in the body.

Healing can be physical such as chronic issues, disease or pain. 

Or healing can be about fear, limiting beliefs, grieving - and so much more. 

I am passionate about helping others in all aspects of healing. This is my purpose!

reiki energy healing
intuitive life coaching
psychic medium

Let's Talk Anxiety

anxiety transformation method

A Gift Just For You

The Anxiety Transformation Method

Begin to take charge of your life and transform your anxiety with these free videos.

Living With Your Anxiety

An online, do it yourself, at your own pace course

helping you understand your anxiety and move forward in your life.

living with your anxiety

What People Say...

It is an honor to have helped all those who have allowed me to do what I love to do. Thank you. 
White Silk

 “My experience with Jennifer was nothing short of amazing. 

She really takes her time and cares to give you the best experience possible. I recommend her a million times over.”


(Reiki, Mediumship)

a balanced life thanks you
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A balanced life

About Me

I'm happy to tell you more.

I love traveling, fall weather, and mexican food.  AND I love talking all things

woo-woo, spirit, and energy. 


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