A Balanced Life

Are you ready to start on a path to completely transform your life? Staying engaged in a community of people who are focused on creating a balanced life worth living is a major part of sustaining your recovery.

You can live a life of recovery or you can THRIVE in your life of recovery. Finding that next level in this new life can happen in the privacy of your own home with Addiction Campuses’ online coaching program, A Balanced Life.

A Balanced Life is a self-improvement program designed to help you redefine your life. By developing balance with and beyond sobriety, you’ll maintain the principles of long-term recovery. You’ll heal relationships, find forgiveness, renew your self-esteem, discover your spiritual connection, explore how you can take your career further, and start living each day with intention and purpose like never before.

The best investment you’ll ever make is the one you make in yourself.

A Balanced Life online coaching program will provide you:

  • Personal Life Balance Assessment
  • Weekly conference calls with a certified life coach
  • Weekly online discussion topics where you will share and receive feedback from your peers and coach
  • Continued assessment and coaching as you complete each course so you can measure your success